Writing for Results

Do these adjectives describe the quality of your current Web content, marketing collateral, news releases, and sales proposals? Do they describe the quality you want to represent your business?

I’m Nancy Adams, copy writer and owner of Nancy Adams Communications, and this is my commitment to you: clear, concise, compelling copy, delivered on time, on target, and within budget – every time. I invite you to learn how writing for results, my signature service, can help you achieve your business goals.

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Need a Professional Copywriter?

Establishing a relationship with a freelance copywriter could be one of the smartest business moves you’ll ever make. Why? Because effective communication is key to your success. Consider the following scenarios:

Challenge #1: You found a talented Web guru to create a new website for your company, and the design is smokin’ – brilliant color, amazing graphics, and lots of bells and whistles. But your traffic hasn’t increased, and your conversion rate hasn’t improved, either. Your site makeover didn’t include new content, and you’re beginning to wonder if that’s the problem.

Challenge #2: You’re responding to an RFP. Landing this exciting project would mean major growth for your business. You know you have the best product and best team for the job – you just need a compelling proposal to highlight your brand and your capabilities. But YIKES! The standard proposal you’ve used for the past year or so suddenly looks outdated; it’s heavy with jargon and downright boring. You feel like you’re about to deliver a career-defining presentation with a big coffee stain on your shirt.

Challenge #3: You’ve won an award, landed a big contract, or launched a new product – congratulations! You want to capitalize on your achievement by taking advantage of this great PR opportunity. You’re thinking news release, but you don’t have the time (or desire or skill) to write a release yourself. You wonder if your assistant could handle the job; she drafts most of your correspondence, and her writing isn’t bad . . .

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, it’s time to hire a professional copywriter. Rather than stretching in-house resources beyond their capacity, join the many successful businesses (including some of your competitors!) that partner with a professional copywriter to

  • Increase revenue
  • Lower costs
  • Build business relationships
  • Promote products and services

Contact me today for a free consultation or to obtain a quote, and put writing for results to work for you!